Brita Pitchers

Best Brita Pitchers 2017

Brita is German water filter pitcher manufacturer and produces some of the best quality pitchers in the market. It is also the best company along with Pur. Brita had plenty of models in its catalogue for the water filter pitcher. So, here we have selected three of the best models in Brita and will explain about the features and specifications. When we compare Brita vs Pur vs Zerowater brita had shown exceptionally above in some features than pur and brita.

Brita 6 Cup Space Saver Pitcher:

Brita 6 cup is the smallest and one of the best model in the lineup of brita pitchers. It is an easy to handle and maintainable pitcher as the size of the pitcher is small but good enough for one person. Brita removes many of the contaminants from pitcher using the filters like mercury, copper, cadmium, chlorine and other common contaminants. But Brita stated that the filters can’t remove lead and fluorine but for a person who is living in the US these are already treated before reaching your home. So, you probably don’t need to worry but it is better to get your water tested in prior. The filter the pitcher should be changed every 2 months or after 40 gallons of water. Check the quality of water every time before you change filter if the water quality is good then you can skip for few more days this way you will save more money. Brita 6 cup filter is BPA free one less thing to worry.

Brita 10 Cup Everyday:

Brita 10 Cup everyday water filter pitcher is one of the bestselling product in the amazon in pitcher’s category. It also one of the top rated product too due to its high quality and good capacity of filtration. All the specifications are similar for every Brita pitcher except the size and capacity of water they filter. This pitcher also removes the same contaminates like cadmium, chlorine, mercury and other common contaminates. The pitcher is also BPA free which means your water will not be contaminated by the plastic the pitcher is built with. The filter need to be replaced for every 40 gallons of water, using a TDS meter you can also check the quality of water. If the quality of water is good you can skip the replacement of filter for few more days. Overall Brita 10 Cup water filter pitcher is best for a two people to use.

Brita 18 Cup UltraMax:

Brita 18 cup UltraMax is designed for a family more than three as the other products cannot satisfy the need of healthy water for the families. The pitcher is designed in such a way that you can place the pitcher easily in your refrigerator without any problem. The maintainable of the pitcher also very easy as you only need to replace the filter every two months. The pitcher is available in two colors black and blue. So this the best product for a family and can use the water for most of the purposes.

These are the most rated and brought pitchers in Brita, there are also other models which you should take a look once before you buy a pitcher.

Pur Pitchers

Best Pur Pitchers

Pur is one of the few companies that sells Water filter pitchers and also the best brand among them all competing with Brita and Zerowater. The water filter pitchers produced by Pur very excellent in quality and easy to operate as any other pitcher. They remove most of the contaminates and impurities in the water and provide with good tasting water. There are total four Pur water filter pitchers available in the market in different capacities and features. All the Pur Pitchers are BPA free which is one less thing to worry about. Below we have given a brief information about each of the filter for a better understanding of their features.

Pur 7 Cup Ultimate Pitcher:

This the lowest capacity of the pitchers which can filter 7 cups in one go. This is mostly sufficient for a single member house as the quantity may not be sufficient. Or if you use very less number for water for your needs. The quality of the water is excellent and removes many contaminates like mercury, lead, and other common impurities using the companies own Maxion technology. The product is also very light weight at 1.8 pounds, and easily fits in your refrigerator. The filter should be changed every two months or after forty gallons of water filtered, whichever comes first.

Pur Led 11 cup pitcher:

Pur Led 11 Cup Pitcher which costs less than 30 dollars apiece. The filter can remove most of the impurities and provides you with good tasting healthy water. The device comes with a led indicator and an easy to fill lid on the top of the pitcher. It can filter 11 cups at a time and sufficient enough for a family of two. It also fits perfectly in a refrigerator. The LED light on the top of the pitcher indicates the life of the filter which changes colour when the filter is need to be replaced. As any other filter the life of the filter is around two months or up to 40 gallons of water, after which you will need to change the filter.

Pur 11 Cup Ultimate Pitcher:

Pur LED 11 cup pitcher is actually replacement for this pitcher as this product had slow filtering process and received criticism from users who brought this product. Upgrading the pitcher in the filtration and adding a led on the top Pur LED 11 cup pitcher is released. So readers avoid this pitcher if you are thinking to buy this product.

Pur 18 Cup Pitcher:

This a technically a dispenser but the tech and most of the working and the company are same we are including it in the pitchers. So this Pur pitcher is another water filter pitcher this time with high water filter capacity of 18 cups. The filtration process is also same with a replaceable filter that can remove plenty of impurities and produces heathy water to drink. The design of the pitcher is specially designed so users can easily place it in a refrigerator. The price of the pitcher is also very affordable which cost around 25 dollars and filters should be changed every two months or after 40 gallons of filtration. Also every time you try to change filter check the quality of water using a TDS meter if the water quality is good then skip the filter for some more time this way you can save good amount of money.

These four are the available pitchers in the market and are of good quality except for Pur 11 Cup ultimate pitcher. Also check for other pitchers of Brita, Zero water, and Mavea too.


Water Pitcher Brands 2017

Top 3 water pitcher brands are Brita, Pur, and ZeroWater. Other than these there are some brands with few products, but these brands have bestselling products in water filter pitchers. Today we will explain more about these water pitcher brands and some of the most sought products from these brands.


Brita is one of the leading water pitcher brands along with pur pitchers. They are very durable, high quality removes good no of impurities and odor. The Brita filters can purify up to 40 gallons of water, and all the products are BPA free.

Top rated and bestselling Brita Pitchers are Brita 10 Cup everyday Pitcher, Brita 18 Cup UltraMax and Brita 10 Cup Grand Pitcher. Most common features among these pitchers are BPA Free, contaminates removing, small and easy to use size, and can purify up to 40 gallons of water. When you compare Brita vs Pur most of the features are same. As you can see, there are two capacities available for you to choose 10 cups and 18 cups, depending on the size of the family select the best suitable water filter pitcher for you.


Both Brita and Pur deserve first place, but as we can’t place both in the same, we have given Pur 2nd. Pur pitchers are also of good quality, easy to use, and removes 21 types of water contaminants. They can also filter up to 40 gallons of water, and all the pitchers are BPA-free.

Most brought Pur Pitchers are Pur 18 Cup Dispenser, Pur CR-6000C 7 cup pitcher. The price of the pitchers is also affordable and comes with Maxion technology for water filtration. The size of the pitchers is also flexible to place in kitchen and refrigerator. They are also available in different storage capacity in 7 cups, 10 cups, and 18 cups.


ZeroWater is another major Water filter pitcher brand available for you to look. The most bought and rated ZeroWater pitcher is ZeroWater 23 Cup Dispenser. People brought this pitcher mostly for its quality and capacity. It is the only pitcher available with up to 23 cup capacity. The filter can purify up to 40 gallons of water with ease, and they also provide you with a TDS meter to check the quality of water. The 5 stage filtration process removes most of the contaminants.

ZeroWater 23 Cup dispenser also fits easily in a fridge and provides you with healthy chilled water. They are also having other pitchers with less capacity of 10 cup and 7 cup pitchers.